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November 12th - 19th is Transgender Awareness Week and Transgender Day of Remembrance is November 20th. Join us with the CDC in supporting the transgender community by bringing visibility and awareness to the health issues and challenges they experience. Go to CDC.gov for more information! Contact our Living Bridge Center for more information in North Georgia.

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Click HERE to get information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about health issues and challenges people in the transgender community face each day. 

Transgender is a term for people whose gender identity or expression is different from their sex assigned at birth. Gender identity refers to a person’s internal understanding of their own gender. Gender expression describes a person’s outward presentation of their gender (for example, how they dress). Transgender women describes people who were assigned the male sex at birth but identify as women. Transgender men describes people who were assigned the female sex at birth but identify as men. Transgender men and women have health issues and challenges that are addressed by the CDC: CDC.gov 2018.

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    Click here to CDC.gov for the latest information about

HIV Among Transgender People.

Download the pdf Fact Sheet


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Ten things transgender people should discuss with their health providers



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Read the CDC Issue Brief HIV Transgender Communities, September 2016 article regarding strengthening prevention and Care for a Priority Population

Click here to learn the various Gender and Transgender terms 

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