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Whitfield County Women's Center Services

The Women's Center of the Whitfield County Health Department provides comprehensive prenatal services for expectant women, which include lab testing, office visits, ultrasounds, education, and referrals. At 28 weeks you will be transferred to the care of a local Obstetrician until delivery. After delivery, the Health Department can continue to provide care for the new mother as well as her baby.

The Health Center offers Family Planning Clients counseling, education, and on-going care in addition to a physical exam and the medications or supplies needed for the client's chosen method for family planning. Family Planning services are confidential, and open to all clients of childbearing years.

In addition, pregnancy testing is provided to any woman requesting this service. No appointment is needed for a pregnancy test.

Prenatal and Family Planning Services include:

Comprehensive Prenatal Care
On-site Laboratory, and Ultrasound tests
Client education, counseling, and referrals as appropriate
Post-partum care
Pregnancy Testing
Yearly physical exams including Pap Smear and Laboratory tests
Referral and follow-up
Breast & Cervical Cancer Screening for qualifying women
Education regarding family planning methods, health promotion, and disease prevention
Emergency contraception is available to appropriate clients
Obstetrical care for high-risk patients provided through a private obstetrician
Presumptive eligibility Medicaid provided to income-eligible pregnant women.
Women's Health Medicaid for eligible patients with Breast or Cervical Cancer
Free language assistance available


How to get an appointment for Prenatal and Family Planning Services

After verification of pregnancy, the client is scheduled for a Prenatal appointment. Thereafter, she is scheduled for her next appointment at the end of each visit with the Nurse Practitioner. If the client has an urgent problem, she can call the clinic and will be seen that day.

Post-partum checks are due six weeks after delivery and will be completed by the physician who delivered the baby. The Women’s Center will acquire your Post-partum records from your physician and provide you with follow-up Family Planning at your request.

Please call 706-281-2259 to schedule an appointment.

What to bring with you

When you come in for an appointment at the Women’s Center, make sure to bring any insurance information you have including your Medicaid, Medicare, PeachCare or insurance card. Please bring proof of your current income. This could be a recent pay stub, bank statement, or other document that shows your current household income. This is to help us determine what portion of the charges for your visit you may be asked to pay.

Also be sure to bring any Medical Records you may have. This will help us provide you with the best service possible.

How are services paid for?

Family Planning services will be charged on a sliding-scale basis for the services received, based on family size and income. Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance is also accepted.
Clinical services accept self-pay, Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance. Most services are provided on a sliding fee scale and eligible participants may receive care at no charge (fees are based on family size and income).

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