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Whitfield County Vital Records Services

The Vital Records Office processes certificates for all births and deaths occurring in Whitfield County. To be made aware of deaths, sources relied on are newspaper obituaries, news reports of accidents involving death, and notifications from hospitals and funeral homes.

Births occur primarily at Hamilton Medical Center, which is the only hospital in the county providing maternity and delivery services. It is the responsibility of the parent to contact the Vital Records office to prepare a birth certificate when a home birth/delivery has occurred in Whitfield County.

The Registrar is responsible for obtaining and preserving documentary evidence concerning all births and deaths occurring in Whitfield County that protect the legal rights of individuals and provide a sound statistical basis for health and social planning. These records (except for fetal death reports) are filed permanently in the Vital Records Branch and certified or verified on demand.


Vital Records Services include:

Assists in the preparation of birth certificates
Assists in the preparation of death certificates
Official changes made to birth and death certificates


How to get an appointment at Vital Records?
No appointments are necessary to obtain records. However, appointments are advised for special proceedings.
Phone number – 706-272-0827

What to bring with you

Driver's license and Social Security Card

How are services paid for?

No charge for Vital Record's services. However, certified copies of Birth & Death Certificates can be obtained for a fee through the Vital Records Office of the Whitfield County Health Department.

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