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Dalton, GA One hundred fifty area residents joined thousands of people all over the nation Wednesday to celebrate Food Day—the nationwide celebration and movement toward more healthy, affordable, sustainable food and a better food system. A kick-off in Dalton was sponsored by White’s Pediatrics and North Georgia WIC at the Mack Gaston Community Center. 

Kimbilee Jonas of Whites Pediatrics and young Diego Hurtado at Food Day in DaltonKimbilee Jonas (right) of White's Pediatrics in Dalton discusses the benefits of healthy food choices with young Diego Hurtado at the Food Day Celebration held in Dalton on Wednesday

“The reason we became involved in Food Day is because we began to realize that parents of many of the obese children coming into our clinic wanted to make the needed lifestyle changes but didn’t know how,” said Kimbilee Jonas, Community Outreach Coordinator for White’s Pediatrics. “So, by working with the children to make healthier food choices, we're helping the whole family adopt the right tools for healthy lifestyle changes.”

The theme seen throughout the local Food Day event was the positive effects of community collaboration in encouraging easy access to locally produced healthy and affordable foods.

For example, as part of Wednesday's Food Day activities, locally produced, low-cost fruits and vegetables were available at the farmers market held inside the community center pavilion.

“Food Day is about embracing the concept of real food,” North Georgia WIC Program Manager Karen Rutledge said. “And, as a society, we need to look more toward consuming foods that are right here in our own back yards.”

Food Day priorities are to promote safer, healthier diets; support sustainable and organic farms; reduce hunger; reform factory farms to protect the environment; and, support fair working conditions for food and farm workers.

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To find out more about local Food Day efforts, please contact Kimbilee Jonas of White’s Pediatrics at (706) 876-2184.