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Unvaccinated dog euthanized, neighbors are notified


Stock Photo of FoxBlue Ridge (GA) – The Georgia Public Health Laboratory has confirmed rabies in a fox that was found dead last week at a residence in McCaysville, Georgia.


Fannin County Environmental Health Specialist Shannon Bradburn stated his office received a report on Friday, March 6 from a resident of Hillcrest Drive in McCaysville that a dog living at the residence was found with the dead fox in the yard that morning.


Bradburn had the fox processed and stored that day and sent the specimen to the public health state lab for testing at the earliest opportunity, which was Monday, March 9. The test result confirming rabies was reported back to Bradburn in the late afternoon of Tuesday, March 10.


The dog was not current on its rabies vaccination; therefore, it was reported on Wednesday, March 11 that the owner had chosen to have the dog euthanized.


No human exposure was reported; however, as a precaution, Fannin County Environmental Health officials canvassed residents in the immediate vicinity with an alert notification flyer advising them of the incident along with a rabies informational brochure on Wednesday, March 11.


Bradburn urges all Fannin County residents to maintain rabies vaccinations in their pets to protect their pets, their loved ones and themselves from rabies.


More information about rabies and its prevention is available at the Fannin County Environmental Health office. Call (706) 695-0266. Or, log on to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) website at