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Rabies warning 10 28 20

Gilmer County health officials notify residents


TALKING ROCK, GA – A stray cat that has now tested positive for rabies was recently captured in the Mountain Creek Hollow community of Talking Rock, located in Gilmer County, Georgia. The cat was a six-month old calico female with white paws.  

Currently, there is no knowledge of direct exposure to the cat by people or other animals. However, Gilmer County Environmental Health Manager Andrea Mathis will canvas the area to alert residents of the incident and to seek further information about any potential exposures to the cat or other animals that could possibly be infected in the neighborhood.

The incident began on Monday, October 26, when the cat appeared sick to a property owner on Spruce Court. The property owner placed the animal in a carrier and took it to a veterinarian. The cat was then shipped to the Georgia Public Health Laboratory for rabies testing, and the positive results were returned Tuesday evening. 

Residents in the Mountain Creek Hollow area are urged to report any sick stray cats or dogs and report if they think they may have been exposed to this particular cat or other sick strays to the Gilmer County Environmental Health office at (706) 635-6050.

Residents also need to get a rabies vaccination or booster shot for their pets as soon as possible.