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Blackberry Falls in Ellijay via 11Alive NewsPublic health officials are cautioning against swimming and other recreational water activities in Gilmer County’s Coosawattee, Ellijay and Cartecay Rivers and their tributaries.  Flooding washed large amounts of manure, sewage and thousands of dead chickens into these waters.  Fast flood waters will wash these contaminants downstream very quickly, but for now avoid activities that would put you into direct contact with these waters.  Fishing and non-contact activities are not affected by this advisory. 

Wells and springs that were covered by flood waters, even temporarily, should be considered contaminated and not used for drinking.  Contact the Gilmer County Environmental Health Office for directions in disinfecting and testing your well water.

Mold will grow in almost any home materials that were flooded.  Remove all wet materials such as sheetrock and allow wood studs to dry completely before replacing. 

Throw out any foods that were touched by flood waters.  It is not worth the risk.

Treat temporary pools left by flood waters for mosquito larvae using Mosquito Dunks available at any home supply or hardware store.

Click here for more details on our website on how to Prevent Potential Health Problems from Recent Flooding or go to Emergency Preparedness and Response information for Flood Water After A Disaster or Emergency from the CDC.