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Residents Reminded: Guard Against Any Potentially Rabid Wildlife

Ellijay, GA - The Gilmer County Environmental Health office has received reports this week of sick raccoons in the Blackberry Mountain subdivision area on the east side of Gilmer County. Residents are reminded to guard against any potentially rabid wildlife.
The rabies virus can be present in almost all wild mammals, including but not exclusive to foxes, skunks, raccoons, coyotes, bobcats, wild dogs, feral cats, and bats.
Rabies symptoms in an animal can include but are not limited to unsteady or 'wobbly' behavior, circling or pacing movements, paralysis, dragging back legs, excessive drooling, aggression, lethargy, etc.
We caution the public not to approach or attempt to rescue any wildlife. Touching wildlife could injure you, putting you at risk of contracting the rabies virus. Should an incident occur resulting in you or your pet having direct contact with a wild animal (i.e., a bite, scratch, etc.), please notify the Gilmer County Environmental Health office at (706) 635-6050.
If the animal that potentially exposed you or your pet to the rabies virus is available for testing, local environmental health officials will arrange to obtain the animal from you.
Under any circumstance in which a potentially rabies-infected animal injures you, do not hesitate to seek immediate medical treatment. Rabies is almost always fatal if not treated in time.
For more information about rabies, please refer to 'Rabies - Frequently Asked Questions' on the Georgia Department of Public Health website at