We know that you have many questions about the Living Bridge Center services and your eligibility. Take a look at information on our site, then follow the steps below to get started!

Get Started

  • Step One

    Call the clinic closest to you and tell them you would like to enter into HIV Medical Care. Our Front Office staff will make you an appointment and let you know the documentation you will need for the Eligibility Appointment.

  • Step Two

    Gather up all the required documentation needed for the Eligibility Appointment. Don’t hesitate to contact the clinic if you have questions about whether you have the correct documents or not. We are here to help.

  • Step Three

    Arrive at the clinic a few minutes early so you can find the right clinic, find a good parking spot and be ready for your appointment.

  • Step Four

    Our staff will walk you through the process of eligibility and initial medical in-take appointments. Ask all the questions you want, and if you want something explained again, don’t hesitate to ask. We are partners in this process.

  • Step Five

    Welcome to The Living Bridge Center family. Together, you and The Living Bridge Center will cover all your medical needs. Welcome!