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Benefits Coordination

The Living Bridge Center
Accessing medical care can be confusing. It seems like medical insurance plans are written in Greek. Need assistance with navigating these systems of care and coverage? Say hello to The Living Bridge Center Benefits Coordinators

Case Management

The Living Bridge Center
Each Living Bridge Center patient has their own medical case manager. They work with you as part of a team to identify and address any and all barriers to quality medical care.

HIV Prevention

The Living Bridge Center

If you are HIV negative, we want to help you stay that way through our HIV Prevention Program. Come and get free condoms (or request condoms be mailed to you), as well as a free and confidential rapid HIV test so you can know your status in less than a minute.

HIV Specialty Care

The Living Bridge Center
The Living Bridge Center has two dedicated HIV medical clinics, designed to provide patients with the most up to date HIV specialty care and treatment.

Housing Assistance

The Living Bridge Center
The Living Bridge Center has a program of assistance for our patients who are experiencing unstable housing situations. The Living Bridge Center can assist patients in need of housing assistance, from temporary housing to long term assistance.

PrEP Clinic

The Living Bridge Center

Are you HIV negative and currently having unprotected sex? Do you want to protect yourself from getting HIV? Call for an appointment with the Living Bridge Center for a PrEP appointment.

Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Services

Personal Service
Provides physical examinations, lab tests, and treatment of STDs, as well as follow-up for identified cases. Also provides HIV testing and counseling services.

Sexually Transmitted Infections Treatment Guidelines, 2021

Personal Service

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released Sexually Transmitted Infections Treatment Guidelines, 2021. This document provides current evidence-based diagnostic, management, and treatment recommendations, and serves as a source of clinical guidance for managing sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Supportive Services

The Living Bridge Center
Supportive services range from assistance with getting food, transportation to and from medical appointments, substance abuse counseling services, appointments with mental health professionals, to oral health services to maintain those pearly whites.